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BART’s sonic excursions strike as avant-garde and outspoken, combining inventive techniques to create highly emotive experiences. His multifaceted productions reflect scenes of sensory overload, meaningless content consumption, and a resulting catatonic state of mind. His works vary from contemporary electronic music to interactive art installations.


MUSIC BY BART & RIK VD HEUVEL - 2022 - In ‘LABA’, Boss explores the concept of ‘being home’ through the fundamentals of Hiphop and other styles including the African Pantsula and Jaandheer, and the Haka from the Maori. With the strong collective character of these different styles of dance, Yusuf Boss delves into the relationship between the individual and a country or home that doesn’t officially exist, like Somaliland. What does a relationship like that do to a person? What do you identify with? And what echoes continuously when you can no longer go home?


MUSIC BY BART - 2019 - Boss exposes what happens during the (first) moments of contact between people. A dance performance about giving yourself space and how you relate to the other. For this new performance, Mohamed drew his inspiration from the philosophy of social activist James Baldwin, who is known for his razor sharp insights on racial, sexual and social inequalities. With a filmic soundtrack by BART and an almost phenomenological approach, KÓW reveals what is necessary to experience human contact.


MUSIC BY BART - 2021 - Nina Iggy and Jos Jacob play with the boundaries between comfort and discomfort and challenge the audience to enter a different, strange dreamworld where beauty and the unknown enhance each other in rawness.