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Design + marketing en PR

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Teodora is an abstract artist creating colourful expressions on canvas and wood through a stream-of-conscious process Many layers over layers progressively build up the vivid history of her artworks In her work the source of inspiration is the sub-conscious dialogue the countless thoughts and feelings that pass through the mind In this process she expresses her inner emotional experiences which happen in levels of the brain not reaching the communication areas The layers depict the multitudinous lived events which affect human reactions and behaviours She uses unconventional tools such as raw brushes sponges sanding papers wooden pieces and her bare hands in her improvisational method ROKA Media is her digital marketing company helping businesses in telling their story and creating an experience for their customers For that she is combining her creativity in social media management graphic design and photography services


Her first solo exhibition, Vaudeville BLUES, has been organized in the NHL Gallery. Previously, works have been exhibited in De Galerie Westerkade and on charity events of the Internationale Kinderhulp Nederland, with whom she collaborated with for many events. Currently, some of her works are shown in de Kanselarij, Leeuwarden.


In the last 2 years, she sold 15 original artworks locally and internationally.

ROKA Media - Freelancer

All-round social media management, graphic design and photography. Since 2020, she has been working together with several hospitality businesses in Leeuwarden like Doughpamine, Fire Grand Café and Rhodos Palace.